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    Superscript/SuperiorUses raised characters (if available in the current font)Smart SpacesEliminates multiple spaces after a periodNote: In Illustrator CC 2017, you can easily work with type objects having common font family but different styles or vice versaI then selected the Live Paint Selection Tool in the toolboxIf you want to replace characters in specific text, rather than all text in the document, select the desired text objects or characters(This is not possible for individually selected characters.) When a type object is selected, a bounding box appears around it in the document window and the word Type appears in the Appearance panelIf you dont select any text, the setting applies to new text you createNote: It is not good practice to use the underline style in web pages because website visitors might mistake underlined text for link text


    Fri, 03 June 2005 15:25 John Joslin (Photoshop expert) I'll shut up :( Like this article? We recommend Adobe Creative Suite 2 Classroom in a Book $44.99 Illustrator CS 2 The changes that Adobe makes to Illustrator have always been more exciting to me than new features added to Photoshop, and Illustrator CS 2 is no exceptionDate: Aug 19, 2005On this page Select type Find and replace text Change the color and appearance of characters Character panel overview Underline or strike through text Apply all caps and small caps Change capitalization styles Specify curly or straight quotes Set anti-aliasing options for type Creating superscripts or subscripts Convert type to outlines Choose a number style in OpenType fonts Format fractions and ordinals in OpenType fonts Use smart punctuation Applies to: Illustrator Illustrator CC Select type Selecting characters lets you edit them, format them using the Character panel, apply fill and stroke attributes to them, and change their transparencySet anti-aliasing options for type When you save artwork in a bitmap formatsuchas JPEG, GIF, or PNGIllustrator rasterizes all objects at 72 pixels per inch and applies anti-aliasing to them


    Select the Direct Selection tool or the Group Selection tool I do like the way Acrobat allows the use of a box around a link thoughUnderline text in Adobe Illustrator post19 May 2004 design software type Last week, when I announced the Blogger redesign, I mentioned that Ive been using Adobe Illustrator much more often to comp my designs, instead of PhotoshopYou can see the finished drawing in Figure 11I don't often use text myself so it doesn't affect me personallyClick the type path, being careful not to click the characterseven if letters have NO descenders, the line is still so low it makes me wanna uninstal the whole program and go back to PS7Text Underline in Photoshop CS and CS2


    Sun, 29 May 2005 23:16 DonMcCahill (Photoshop expert) Who makes the rules on this? Years of typographic traditionTabular LiningUses full-height figures all of the same width (if available for the current font)It would also be nice if Illustrator applied strokes to the underlines and not just the text, as shown in Figure 12Note: Selecting a type path is easiest when youre in Outline viewIf you dont select any text, the setting applies to new text you createMon, 23 May 2005 06:46 John Joslin (Photoshop expert) I never thought about it, but I suppose the Word method would have been impossible with metal type whereas the Adobe Type Tool follows the traditional method 089de53caf

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